5 Things You’ll Learn from Online Dog Training with Tamar Gellar


If you haven’t heard it yet, renowned dog trainer Tamar Gellar is offering online dog training! This means, you can speak with one of the top experts on training your dog, and get tips that she would use on even a celebrity’s dog. She has been a dog coach for many years, training dogs for the likes of Oprah, so if she can train her dogs, she can help you train yours, too!

What You Can Learn from Dog Coach Tamar Gellar

1 – You will learn the power of praise. Dogs respond to praise more than being yelled at. Tamar will teach you how to motivate your dog to do more, not pushing him for making a mistake.

2 – You can learn how to let your dog feel free. Tamar owns and runs the praised Santa Monica dog kennels known as The Loved Dog. She knows what dogs like, and strives to provide them a way to feel like a dog should. She can teach you how to offer this same feeling at home.

3 – You will learn how to keep the stress down when training your dog. Both you and your dog are often going to get stressed if training doesn’t work immediately. Keeping stress to a minimum helps training be more successful, and allows you both to have more fun.

4 – You will learn how to make training fun. Dog training doesn’t have to be a chore. If you turn to a dog coach for online dog training, training can become an activity that is easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

5 – You will further develop your dog’s bond with you. Dog training is a great opportunity to bond with your dog on a deeper level. You love your dog, and that’s great, but giving them the time and attention of training develops that relationship further than just having an untrained companion dog is able to.

For more information about online dog training, contact The Loved Dog today!