Dealing with tooth ache

Odontalgia, odontodynia, and dentalgia we have all experienced at some time in our lives, but what am I talking about?

Tooth ache or dental pain, it’s hard to explain the pain you experience when your tooth decides to play up, you just sit there with your head in your hands wishing the pain would just go away. It keeps you awake at night, you get angry and irritated, in fact it gets so bad at times you consider self-operating and removing the culprit tooth yourself – but what causes tooth ache and why is it so excruciatingly painful?

tooth ache

Tooth ache is pain that can affect the teeth, gums and jaw, the most common cause of tooth ache is tooth decay, tooth decay is damage that happens when bacteria (germs) inside your mouth creates acid. These acids, overtime, eat away at the surface of your tooth this eventually leads to a hole appearing. This is what dentists call a cavity, a cavity can then lead to the tooth roots being exposed, these roots are extremely sensitive and can cause a lot of pain when not treated.

Other forms of dental pain can be sensitive teeth, the cause of tooth sensitivity occurs when the movement of fluids inside small tubes which are located in the dentin (a layer of tissue that’s found beneath the hard surface of the tooth and the inner pulp of the tooth). When the hard enamel on the tooth’s surface gets worn down it can expose these small tubes causing irritation, the irritation can be brought on by exposure to hot and cold drinks or cold foods such as ice-cream the tooth can also been sensitive to touch and even the cold air can cause pain.

The most obvious way to deal with tooth ache is to see your dentist straight away, but if you can’t see your dentist here are a few tips to help ease the pain.

  • Saltwater mixed in a glass of warm water and swilled (not swallowed) around the mouth.
  • Cloves or clove oil, rest a whole clove on the affected tooth or dab a little clove oil on the tooth using a cotton bud.
  • Take a mild pain relief tablet such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.

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