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Everyone Should Visit Universal Orlando

A visit to Universal Orlando is a must for all families. If you want to give your kids a holiday they’ll never forget and watch them smiling from ear to ear then whole time, then this theme park resort is the place for you.

Here are 3 reasons that will make you want to book your trip today.

The Rides

If your kids love rides then they’re in for a real treat, and so are us parents! I guarantee that the kids will be talking for weeks on end about the rides  in such detail it might drive you mad – but that’s a good thing. Universal has taken rides to a whole new level, they have the most advanced and mind-blowing attractions of all the theme parks. Here some of the biggest movies are brought to life; Transformers, Despicable Me, SpiderMan, Jurassic Park and many more.

The Food

When you walk around the park all day you are sure to build up a healthy appetite – Universal makes sure that you get well fed in some unique restaurants. They have meals and sweet treats inspired by some famous television shows and characters. My favourite has to be in the part of the park called Springfield, which is obviously home to the Simpsons. Here you can enjoy a Krusty Burger and a Flaming Moe at the famous Moe’s Tavern. Created from the Harry Potter Movies, you can enjoy a sweet Chocolate Frog or sip on a nice cool Butterbeer. There are plenty of other options, so you are always going to find a meal that keeps the whole family happy.

The Resorts

The resorts have something for every budget, from the relaxed to the luxurious. There are 5 awesome resorts on-site that you can choose to stay in – I like staying on site because you get extra perks for your days in the park, plus the benefit of not having to travel too far to enjoy the rides (that’s a blessing for parents with a group of kids). The resorts are so well equipped it will amaze you, even the most affordable on-site accommodation boasts two pools, a river and even a bowling alley!

Have you and your family been to Universal Orlando before? Please do share with everyone here why you loved it, any tips you may have and stories. Just pop your thoughts in the box below. Thank you for sharing!