Missing teeth?

For many of us having a good looking set of teeth is just as important as having a healthy set of teeth, although having healthy teeth is detrimental to your overall oral hygiene, many people are now spending there hard earned money on a dental procedure commonly known as cosmetic dentistry.images

Cosmetic dentistry is a dental procedure which uses the latest dental techniques and technology to improve the appearance of your teeth, after all who doesn’t want that perfect smile. Cosmetic dentistry has been around for a long time especially in the USA, but now it is becoming more popular among the people of Britain. From the very basic procedure of teeth whitening to the more complex procedure of a full smile make over.

One of the biggest problems that concerns us the most when it comes to our mouths and of course our smiles is that of missing teeth. For many years people had to endure the uncomfortable and somewhat dreaded denture to replace a missing tooth, a denture being a plate that would sit in the roof of your mouth with a false tooth attached. This causes problems when it comes to eating and would constantly need taking out and cleaning after every meal, ok if you’re at home but not very nice in a restaurant.

To solve this problem cosmetic dentists came up with the technique called a dental implant; this is a false tooth which is permanently attached to your jaw bone. The advantages of this dental procedure are that the tooth is anchored to the jaw bone, which not only replaces the tooth but also the root of the tooth eliminating the need to take the tooth out and clean it after every meal.

A dental implant procedure requires three phases and can take up to six weeks to complete. The first phase is the implant; this titanium screw is screwed into your jawbone replacing the root of your missing tooth. After the implant has fused to the jaw bone phase two can begin this involves attaching a device called an Abutment, this devise allows the tooth to be attached to the implant. And the final phase is the attachments of the false tooth known as a crown to complete the process.

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