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Top Fashion, Beauty And Health Tips For Summer

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When it comes to keeping up with the latest beauty trends it can be challenging. There seems to be dozens of trends that are around and many seem to come and go or retain huge popularity and come back around again. If you’re looking for help with your 2019 look, have a read through these top beauty and fashion tips we’ve put together to make this year all about looking and feeling great.

Vintage – All Year Long

The vintage look is something that seems to have come and stuck around. With so many great looks and styles, it’s easy to see why. From jackets to trousers, shoes to hair, the vintage look can be found in major cities and the country as well. It’s easy to get stuck in too – visiting charity shops, for example, can result in some great finds, for cheap! Check out some of the best combinations of vintage clothing, hair, makeup and shoes on the likes of Pintrest for inspiration.

Less Is More

When it comes to makeup, less is more all year round. Of course around the likes of Christmas or New Year it’s more likely that you’ll go a bit more heavy with eyeshadows, glittery lipsticks and the like, but for just daytime wear to the office, grocery store and out with friends for a cheeky pint on a Sunday afternoon, consider light eyeliner, a bit of mascara and some clear lip balm to keep those lips nice and moisturised so they don’t dry out and get painful.

Keep Those Pearly Whites Pearly

Visiting dentists in Swindon at 11 Sheep St, Highworth is a great place to start to get your summer look up together. After all, you want to create an overall look, not just one or two things. Having a whitening session or just getting some of your necessary dental work done is a good idea before all the summer fun and frivolity gets up and running. You don’t want any surprise pains or issues cropping up when you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself – or worse yet – when you’re abroad on holiday!

So there you have a couple of great ways to create the ultimate summer look for this year. Start now to begin collecting the best bits for the holidays to come and book your appointments for hair and dental work so you don’t have to wait until the summer’s upon us! Where will you start? What will you choose for your summer fashion theme? Share with us – we’d love to hear what you’re up to!